Eco Electric Series – Eco Electric Roller Conveyor

Eco Electric Series – Eco Electric Roller Conveyor

Eco-electric (low thrust) Roller Conveyor [ECV-CR]

This roller conveyor is a model that combines an eco-electric DC conveyor and a roller conveyor, and is compatible with various sizes of pallets (containers and notched pallets are OK!) Without limiting the shape of the pallets.

Like the eco-electric DC conveyor, the motor is built into the shaft, so there is no protrusion of the motor and it can be easily connected with a single M12 connector.

Since the roller part is equipped with all-axis drive and all-friction functions, when the conveyed object is stopped by a stopper, only the roller under the conveyed object stops, and scraping and wear of the bottom surface of the conveyed object are suppressed.


Maintainability / low cost
Since maintenance can be performed from the top, workability is good and consumables can be easily replaced.

Since the motor is built in, there is no protrusion from the frame, and there is no need to consider the motor mounting position.

Initial cost can be reduced because expensive power panel is not required.

Since it is DC24V, it consumes less power than AC200V and can reduce running costs.

Safety / stable transportation
The drive chain is not exposed, and it is safe because there is no entanglement or entry of parts.