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Eco Electric Stopper [EST32 / EST50 / EST80]

This eco-electric stopper is a product that we have focused on making the movement of “stopping / flowing the pallet” safe and eliminating waste to the utmost when constructing a production line.

Since it is driven only by 24V DC, it does not require air equipment such as a compressor, and can significantly reduce factory power consumption and CO 2 emissions. In addition, since no controller is required, no troublesome settings are required and installation on the production line is completed in a short time.

The structure is mechanically safe and easy to maintain. Since the moving parts are not exposed, there is no pinching of fingers, and the mechanism that mechanically disperses the impact when receiving the pallet makes it difficult for failures to occur.

It is also a major feature that the number of constituent parts is small, and there is little need for replacement or failure.




Examples of Use

1_Stopper1    1_Stopper2


Energy saving / low cost

No need for air equipment such as compressors. Electricity is about 1/36 (compared to our company),
and CO 2 emissions are also reduced.

Can be installed simply by connecting a 24V DC power supply, reducing initial investment and running costs.


Same standard as products of major domestic air equipment manufacturers, easy to replace
Model EST32 / EST50 / EST80 (numerical value is inner diameter φ)

Transport mass 70/280/530 kg (friction coefficient μ0.05)


The movable range is small, and there is no finger pinching.


Upper limit detection sensor

Selectable from OMRON and effector.

Sensor cover

Protects the sensor from impacts and drips caused by dropping objects from above.

Mechanical stopper

Positioning of the pallet A mechanical stopper that stops the pallet instead of the stopper lever when raising and lowering.

*For details, see Section 3-2 of the instruction manual.