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Eco Electric series (Specific Development Product)

Eco Electric Turn unit [ETR90 / ETR180]

A turntable type actuator that applies an electric cylinder. A unit that rotates an object, and if a conveyor is mounted on the unit, the direction in which the object flows on the conveyor can be changed. There are 90 degree rotation type [ETR90] and 180 degree rotation type [ETR180].




3-3-ETR-2-317x238   3-3-ETR-3-432x238
This is effective when changing the direction of the transported object by 90 degrees / 180 degrees on the transport line.
If you attach a conveyor to the top, you can change the direction as it is without the need for other equipment.


Energy saving

No power consumption during standby. No need for air equipment such as compressors, reducing CO 2 emissions.


Easy installation without the need for a dedicated driver. Driven only by 24V DC.


Achieves easy operation of pressing and stopping at two points. Easy speed control with the dial on the main unit.


Uses a low torque motor. Furthermore, the automatic braking function is installed to improve safety.