Eco Electric Series – Eco Slider Series

Eco Electric Series – Eco Slider Series

Eco Electric Slider Series [ESL / ESLV]

24VDC oparated Eco Electric Slider, no controller needed.
To focus only on the function which is essential at production line, we achieved to produce Eco Electric Slider which does not require complicated setting or adjustment.

Manual speed adjustment:
Easy to adjust speed at 9 stages with the dial, you can easily adjust same speed even on several cylinders. Since the dial is provided on main body, exclusive setting unit is not required.

Easy to unlock:
Automatically it locked in both forward and backward directions, preventing the workpiece from falling. You can easily unlock manually.

* Unlike cylinders that have a rod that goes outside, the difference is that a slider with a guide moves, allowing for a long stroke. Eco Electric Cylinder is for short stroke, from 50 to 200mm, and on the other hand, Eco Electric Slider is for long stroke, from 200 to 1970. If you are looking for short stroke, also check Eco Electric Cylinder.

Type: ESL (Ball screw drive type)
Rated thrust: 60N/100N
Stroke: Selectable from 200/400/600/800mm

Type: ESLV (Belt drive type) Rated thrust: 160N/200N Stroke: Selectable from 380/500/740/920/1970mm
Stroke length (L) is selectable from the following lengths: 50, 100, 150, and 200 mm

Energy saving / low cost
No standby power consumed. No need for pneumatic tooling like compressor, and reduces CO2 emission.

No controller needed
Easy installation without any special driver. Requires only a 24VDC power.

Automatic pressed-to-stop at two stop positions. Stroke speed is adjustable with a dial on the motor module.

Enhanced with a lower torque motor and automatic brake function.